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What is Passive CRE Investing? #Shorts

I would never categorize any real investment strategy as easy, but passive commercial real estate investing — when working with a reliable, smart, and ethical operator — probably comes closest to that definition.
In short, passive investing in commercial real estate gives you a ton of the benefits of active investing, without a lot of the drawbacks.
Essentially, instead of becoming the professional yourself, you (and your money) work with that reliable, smart, and ethical professional operator I mentioned above to find and execute deals that stabilize and grow your investment over time. In this scenario, you do not need to be an expert in commercial real estate deals (though you can be, I mean, it is a fun hobby). You merely need to work with a trustworthy someone who is.
From syndication, to raising capital, to the use of REITs, the structure of passive commercial real estate investing can look almost any way you need it to, and are comfortable with.

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Tyler Cauble is Founding Principal and President of The Cauble Group, Parasol Management, and Hamilton Development. Since 2019, Cauble has been raising capital for value-add investments and developments in the Southeast US, providing high-quality commercial space at affordable prices – a much-needed solution for the entrepreneurial community.

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