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How To Invest In Real Estate From 2,000 Miles Away!

In this video, Garrett Myers (Yogi) talks about all the reasons why people may consider investing in a state different then the one they are living in. With many markets in the United States setting record high prices, many people are struggling to find deals on real estate. Many people have considered investing out of state, but have concerns like:

– How do I know if I am getting a good deal on an out-of-state property?

– How can I find a property manager I can trust?

– Is it harder to finance a deal that is in a different state?

– What is the best state to invest in properties?

-What is the best real estate market for cash flow?

If you are unable to find deals in your current market, you should consider looking at other markets. In this video Jackson Watkins, an investor who recently purchased 5 units in a market 2,000 miles from his home shares his best insights and tips for out of state investors.

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