7 Things to Inspect when Buying a House that Inspectors & Agents Don’t You are about to discover 7 things that you MUST inspect before you buy a house and you are the one that has to do this because most inspectors and agents don’t! Furthermore, these 7 verification steps can make or break your decision to buy a house, whether you are purchasing to live in the house or to invest in long term. That’s why this is mandatory for anyone buying a home to watch or read. This wisdom was gathered from decades in this business and thousands of deals of experience. You may not have ever heard of these things before but that are absolutely crucial to your home purchasing decision.

0:00 7 Things to Inspect
1:13 HVAC Ducts
3:31 Rainy Day
5:11 Flood Zone
6:47 Sink Holes
7:25 Sales History
9:46 Varied Visits
11:34 Interview Neighbors

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