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TOP TIPS for buying Real Estate in Mexico

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Disclaimer, the following information can vary depending on geographical areas of mexico. This info is a guideline ONLY.

Here are my top tips for new comers coming to mexico looking to buy Real Estate
Tip number 1
It is a cash market so be prepared to have the funds available to move quickly once you find property. To close the deal normally takes from start to finish, can take a couple of months. Once you find the property you will be expected to put down an average 10 % deposit of the value of the property, the remainder 90 % will be paid on the day of closing.
check out this video here, it goes in to more depth about why cash is all important when buying property in Mexico.

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Tip 2
Anyone can buy Real Estate in Mexico. However, when buying Real Estate on the coastline of Mexico there are other rules and regulations that apply. My recommedation would be seek out professional advice from a real estate agent that deals with coastline property.

Tip 3 Seek professional real estate assistance when buying real estate in Mexico.

Tip 4
Take time to research and experience different locations within Mexico before your buy.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have further questions

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