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Real Estate Stocks are CRASHING (-15% TODAY). Home Prices NEXT!

US HOUSING CRASH WARNING! Real Estate stocks like Zillow and Opendoor experienced HUGE declines in price today. And now Zillow is laying off 25% of its workforce.

Stock prices for iBuyers like Zillow, Opendoor, and Redfin are CRASHING today (November 2, 2021). Zillow’s stock price is down by almost 12%. While Opendoor’s is down by 14%. These stocks could be viewed as bellwethers of the US Housing Market. Changes in Zillow’s stock price over the last 18 months have predicted changes in US Home Prices Month over Month.

Zillow stopped their home-buying program – Zillow Offers – in mid-October due to what they described as “operational capacity” issues. Since then they have entered firesale mode on the 7,000 homes they own, listing a majority of properties in markets like Phoenix, Dallas, and Atlanta at a significant loss.

This is an ominous sign for the US Housing Market and suggests it could be a Bubble that is ready to CRASH.


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0:00 Zillow, Opendoor, Redfin CRASH
0:51 Stock Price v. US Home Prices
1:50 Zillow Predicts US Housing Market?
3:00 12% Decline in ONE DAY
3:44 Firesale of 7,000 Homes!
4:38 Opendoor Down 14% in ONE DAY
5:19 Negative Housing Market Sentiment
6:41 1953-Today: Inflation Adjusted Prices
7:44 Home Prices Coming Down
8:15 What Do You Think?

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