Biggest Red Flags When Buying a House (Flips & Rentals)

The red flags when buying a house can add up. Why is that railing slightly slanted, what is that weird stain on the wall, and why are there outlets on the ceiling? It’s easy to get carried away when walking through a home that has been rehabbed time and time again, by different workers each time. The key is not to get anxious or scared, but budget accordingly so you can turn a monster house into a dream home.

With over a decade of experience, James Dainard from Heaton Dainard Real Estate can see almost every red flag the second he walks onto a property. He uses his x-ray flipping superpower to showcase a current acquisition he has in the Pacific Northwest. This house is phenomenal! It includes a sauna that doubles as a small prison, a deck that could blow over due to a strong wind, and a furnace that was last cleaned before James was born.

These tips and tricks on looking for red flags could save you tens of thousands of dollars on your next flip, BRRRR, or rental acquisition!

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3 Pre-Inspection Red Flags That Make Me Run From a Deal:

3 Pre-Inspection Red Flags That Make Me Run From a Deal

12 Key Components to Inspect BEFORE Buying a Property to Flip:

12 Key Components to Inspect BEFORE Buying a Property to Flip

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00:00 Flipping Red Flags
01:38 Prepping for a Walkthrough
02:36 The BIG Red Flags to Look For
06:15 Avoid the “Weekend Warrior Special”
11:08 Mitigating Your Risk on These Red Flags
14:27 On-Site at a ‘Weekend Warrior’ Flip
15:53 An Illegal Addition
23:47 Bedroom Red Flags
26:29 A Wobbly Deck & a Half-Finished Pool
30:22 Down to The Basement

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