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The BEST Real Estate Investment Strategies For 2021

The BEST Real Estate Investment Strategies For 2021! There has been a lot of speculation about what will happen with the housing market in 2021, is it going to crash? Is it going to keep getting propped up by the central bank? Who knows! But one thing that I do know, in order to be successful in real estate investing, is to have the BEST real estate investment strategies for the year 2021. Not all real estate investment strategies are a one size fit all, there are specific ones that you need to focus on, especially in a housing market crash. According to many of my friends and colleagues who made a boatload of money during the 2008 housing market crash, there are a few real estate investment strategies that you should be focusing on. In this video, I talk about what these strategies are and how they can benefit you during the 2021 housing market crash.

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The first real estate investment strategy I’d recommend using for 2021 is short sales. Short sales are when there is a sale of a real estate property, where the bank takes a significant loss on the property because the current occupant is so far behind on their mortgage payments, that the lender will take less for the property. This was a popular strategy during the 2008 housing market crash because this was the case for many unfortunate homeowners during that time.

The second real estate investment strategy I’d recommend using for the 2021 housing market crash is a lease option. A lease option is when a real estate investor actually controls the distressed property first before this strategy can be used. Lease options are good for price control of the property, as well as stability with options for the tenant.

The third real estate investment strategy I’d recommend using for the 2021 housing market crash is owner financing, also known as seller financing. Seller financing is a staple in the Kwak Brothers real estate investment strategies. It’s how we were able to acquire 75 units in just one year, we even wrote a book about it ( But many banks do not want to have to go through the process of foreclosure, there are several fees and costs associated with that. Also, if a property owner is looking to exit their property ownership for whatever reason, seller financing is a great way to incentivize the seller to sell because of some tax mitigation that could come along with owner financing.

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