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Scott Krone is a Chicago native whose career in architecture began in 1991 by pursuing his Masters of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

In 2012, Krone founded Coda Management Group – a firm who specializes in managing real estate assets. Since its inception, Coda has managed a wide range of real estate including single and multi-family homes, retail, commercial warehouse and self-storage and multi-use flex athletic spaces. Currently, the platform of investments is in excess of $54 million.

In addition, Krone has authored High Performance Homes – Navigating the Green Road to Your Dream Home, a book for homeowner’s seeking to incorporate green technology into their home.

In this episode, Jack Bosch talks to Scott about his work in the real estate space – specifically around some of the unique and interesting ways he has gone about structuring his investments. Have you ever thought of turning an asset into a national park? It’s possible! And Scott explains how. He also discusses his career history as well as giving us a crash course into the world of self storage. This episode is perfect for you if you are looking to step up your game.

What’s inside:
+ Learn about Scott Krone’s career history
+ Find out about investing in self storage
+ Learn about some unique ways to structure your investments
+ Find out about opportunity zones

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