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Woman shocked to find apartment’s front stairs gone: ‘Stuck for hours’

Well that’s one way to quarantine.

A woman from Georgia, who goes by the name Olivia Crump, posted a video to her TikTok purportedly showing how the stairs to leave her apartment completely vanished. 

“When your apartment removes the stairs without warning and you’re stuck for hours,” she labeled the video, which was reportedly recorded in Atlanta, with the caption “#stuck in my lil #apartment.”  

The video, posted on Dec. 27, shows a portion of the outdoor staircase to her apartment had been removed amid construction. 

“My parents took away my stairs because I am grounded,” one user joked in a comment. 

Crump told Storyful that the apartment complex had not notified her of any building upgrades. 

“I emailed them when I first noticed and didn’t get a response. I called two hours later and they said they didn’t know the stairs were being worked on. It took four hours for [the workers] to finish the stairs.”

Storyful reached out to the apartment complex’s management for comment.

Olivia Crump revealed she received no warning that construction was going to take place.
Olivia Crump revealed she received no warning that construction was going to take place.
An Atlanta woman walked out of her apartment to find her stairs are missing.
Crump walked out of her apartment to find the stairs leading up to her front door were missing.

“Imagine having to go to work and you have to tell your manager that your stairs got stolen,” one user commented. 

“A princess trapped in her tower cracked me up,” another wrote. 

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