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How I’m Investing In 2022

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Here is my entire investing blueprint for 2022:

First, I’m dialing back my index fund investing to 30% of my income.
I’ve already hit my target allocation of stocks to real estate….so, from here on out – I’ll be investing slightly less into an SP500 index fund, but still enough to ride the market and build up my position over time. Plus, even if this investment goes down in the short term, I’m investing money I won’t be needing for the next 10-20 years – that way, any drops along the way won’t matter.

Second, I’m going to invest about 50% of my income in Real Estate.
Like I mentioned, I think there’s a lot of potential on the right properties, and I’d love to be able to document more real estate on the channel, somewhat like I used to….in the good old days…before Covid. This also has some fantastic tax benefits alongside with it, so – ideally – I can invest the majority of my money here, and then let it grow over time.

And third, I’m keeping about 20% split between cryptocurrency, cash, and alternative investments.
Besides cash, most of this is going to be high risk, high reward…but, since these are mainly companies I’m personally involved in…I’m confident about their long term success.

My biggest takeaways for everyone watching is just to make sure you keep a safety fund of cash at all times, invest consistently, and DIVERSIFY your investments so you don’t just rely on one single asset to keep yourself going. By doing that, you’ll be much better positioned in the event the market goes down…or, if the market goes up.

And most importantly – DON’T PANIC SELL, even if we see things go down, like they have been. The best thing you can do is stay the course, keep to the plan, stay consistent, and keep buying. Study after study have shown that those who hold their investments and keep buying, long term, end up making the most money…as long as you smash the like button. 

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