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3 Things That Will Impact Your 2022 Investment Strategy

What does your 2022 investment strategy look like? Are you diving deep into real estate, or putting more trust into the stock market and cryptocurrency? With inflation hitting new heights, Dave Meyer (@thedatadeli) agrees with most investors: don’t keep your cash sitting around. Dave has been a buy-and-hold real estate investor for years but has also invested in more passive forms of real estate like syndications.

In this video, Dave walks through the three most important topics when it comes to investing in 2022. Each of these topics will dramatically shift the way that your investment plays out, which is why you should pay close attention to them and adjust your investing plan accordingly. Dave also showcases the different real estate investing strategies and which will most likely see massive growth over the next year.

What’s your 2022 game plan? Are you sticking with classic buy-and-hold rentals or are you confident in more volatile assets like stocks and crypto? Let us know in the comments below!

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What Every Investor Should Understand About Inflation:

What Every Investor Should Understand About Inflation

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00:00 Your 2022 Investment Strategy
01:35 Developing Your Investment Guidelines
02:13 1. Real Estate vs. Stocks vs. Crypto
03:54 2. Don’t Hold (Too Much) Cash
05:26 3. Low Interest Rates, High Demand
06:39 Where Dave is Investing in 2022

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