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Where NOT to Buy Real Estate in 2022’s Housing Market

If you’re looking to buy real estate in 2022, you may think you have limited options. Housing prices are rising, interest rates may start to see a small increase, and you’re thinking to yourself “there are no real estate deals to be found.” That’s where James Dainard would disagree with you. He’s been buying deals in the expensive Seattle, Washington area for the past fifteen years!

James flips houses, buys rentals, and operates a brokerage that sells 300 or so investment properties per year to their clients. In other words, James knows what he’s talking about when it comes to deal finding, and he’s focused solely on buying the deals that no one else wants. We’re talking about deals that have been on the MLS for months and ones that rookie investors wouldn’t have the stomach to handle. Fortunately, with James’ experience, he knows with certainty that his team can take on the deals other investors can’t.

James sits down with David Greene to discuss finding deals, developing your strategy, and where you should (and definitely should NOT) invest in real estate while we’re in a high-value, high-inflation housing market. Before you buy your next rental, flip, or BRRRR, make sure you’re buying in areas James outlines.

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BiggerPockets Podcast 338: From Red Robin Waiter to 250 Units (Using the MLS!) with James Dainard

8 Ways to Identify the Best Places to Buy Rental Property:

8 Ways to Identify the Best Places to Buy Rental Property

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00:00 James “Value-Add” Dainard
04:05 Buying the Deals No One Wants
06:03 Is Real Estate Overvalued in 2022?
09:36 Buying in Turbulent Times
21:19 Where to Buy if a Crash Happens

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