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real estate wholesaling vs wholetaling-whats the difference

Most investors understand the real estate wholesaling & retail process. One is well below market and one is at market prices. But there’s another little known strategy called real estate wholetailing. I thought it sounded funny when I first heard about it years ago. It’s a profit center a lot of us leave on the table simply because we don’t understand how it works.
Wholetailing is where you buy a house, do all the major reno like Structural, Roof, HVAC, Electrical, Framing. You then leave all the other items like kitchen cabinets, bathroom, flooring, light fixtures, painting to another buyer to complete. You’re able to sell the property at a slight discount but the buyer doesn’t need a huge discount in order to buy. Typically you’re selling to an owner occupied buyer that can’t handle all that heavy lifting with the major repairs. You walk away with a good profit and the buyer gets to finish the reno and move in. Today’s video will show you exactly what a wholetail deal looks like.
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00:00- Intro
1:57 – What is real estate whole-tailing and how do the numbers work
7:04 – Let’s walk through the property together to see what repairs we did
10:04 – What repairs need to be done on a real estate wholetail deal
12:05 – How do we buy houses without using credit

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