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It’s a 2022 Stock Market Bloodbath: Why Real Estate is NEXT

The Stock Market has CRASHED in 2022 thus far. Particularly in tech stocks. Is the 2022 Housing Market NEXT?

The NASDAQ is down 12% on the year so far. Opendoor is down 36%. Tesla is down 15%. Stocks – particularly tech stocks – are crashing in 2022. And this has interesting implications for the 2022 US Housing Market.

Dotcom Bust 2.0 will have a big impact on West Coast Housing Markets, particularly those in California, Utah, Washington and Orlando. Cities in these states – such as San Jose, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City – have big exposure to the tech industry. And when tech companies crash, so to will the wealth and jobs in many of these markets.

That’s bad news for 2022 Housing Markets that rely on heavily on tech wealth and employment. Bay Area Real Estate, particularly the Housing Markets in San Francisco and San Jose, are the most exposed. Venture Capital Investment in Tech Companies in these locations is far and away higher than any other area of America.

Big, gateway cities such as New York, Boston, and Los Angeles are also at risk, with a large exposure to tech. As are smaller tech hubs like Austin and Salt Lake City.

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0:00 Stock Market Bloodbath
1:03 NASDAQ / Opendoor / Tesla: 15% Crash in January
2:00 Dotcom Bust 2.0 in 2022
3:05 Housing Markets AT RISK in 2022 (Tech Exposure)
4:14 Salt Lake, Boston, Austin, Raleigh, San Jose
5:31 Speculative Markets have LOW RENTAL YIELDS
7:16 SAFER MARKETS IN BLUE (High Rental Yields)
8:38 The Opendoor Bet (500% Return!)
9:55 My NEXT Bet: Homebuilders (DR Horton & Lennar)
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