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⚠️ This ENTIRE Asset Class is Disrupting Stocks & Crypto

⚠️ From 1995 to 2020, Fine Art has appreciated at 14% annually, compared to the S&P500’s 9.5%, making it a great way to diversify without sacrificing performance. Invest in Fine Art today! Masterworks disclosures:

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00:00 Introduction
02:00 Fine Art as an Investment
08:40 Valuing Art vs Stocks & Crypto
14:40 What Investors Need to Know
21:23 Art vs Crypto as Strategic Assets
28:00 Art vs Digital Collectibles & NFTs
35:10 Investing in the Future You Believe In

⚡ Investing in Disruptive Innovation Starts with Understanding It:

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ARK Invest’s Thematic Funds:
ARK Invest Innovation ETF (#ARKK) –
ARK Invest Genomic Revolution ETF (#ARKG) –
ARK Invest Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (#ARKQ) –
ARK Invest Next Generation Internet ETF (#ARKW) –
ARK Invest Fintech Innovation ETF (#ARKF) –
ARK Invest Space Exploration ETF (#ARKX) –

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