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How Many VA Loans Can You Have? (Hint: Unlimited)

How many VA Loans do you think you can get? The answer is, an unlimited amount, as long as you follow the rules in the VA Handbook and understand some underlying real estate investing strategies that we teach at,

At the time of this recording, I’m getting ready to sell my SoCal home. It’s a bittersweet feeling because although it appreciated $200k and I’ll get my VA Loan Entitlement back, I also just hate the idea of selling a home in such a covetted part of the country.

During this process, the main thing I had to think through was my TAX implication/liability. Since I turned it into a rental property, I could do a 1031 exchange, but I decided that I would take the easier route and simply use the Partial Capital Gains Exclusion, and pay just a little bit of taxes and give myself some flexibility for my next investment opportunity. Now, with a my VA Loan entitlement back, I can go get my next home with ZERO down!

TO BE CLEAR, I am not saying you can get an unlimited number of homes with the VA Loan at the SAME TIME. But what I am saying, is that you can keep buying homes with your VA Loan as long as you follow the guidlines of how to do that. Good news is, you should be able to keep your portfolio growing and not lose any momentum on path to financial freedom!

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