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10 BEST CITIES to Buy a Home 2022 (No Housing Crash HERE)

Want to AVOID the 2022 Housing Crash? Then look to buy a home in these 10 BARGAIN CITIES. One of them will even pay you $10,000 to move there!

Not every city is in a massive Housing Bubble in 2022. Some still offer affordability (homes for less than $300k), growth potential, and a nice lifestyle. You just need to know where to look.

10. PITTSBURGH, PA The Pittsburgh Housing Market is a bastion of affordability, with typical home values hovering just above $200k. Institutional investors are taking notice, with Barbara Corcoran selling out of New York Real Estate and going into Pittsburgh.

9. TYLER, TX Tyler, located 2 hours of Dallas, is one of America’s biggest economic boomtowns. Jobs and wages are way up, while home prices are still affordable. Priced out of the Dallas Housing Market? Come to Tyler.

8. BATON ROUGE, LA Baton Rouge’s Real Estate Market is cheap. The typical monthly mortgage payment is below $1,000. Meanwhile, the city has strong youth and growth from the presence of LSU.

7. HOUSTON, TX Houston is the 5th largest metro in America, but has some of the cheapest homes. The typical home price across Houston is below $300k and there are many different neighborhoods/areas to choose from.

6. COLUMBUS, OH Columbus is turning into a tech hub, with lots of new venture-backed startups. The local economy is also stable, supported by Ohio State University. Meanwhile the homes are half the price of Portland, OR.

5. OKLAHOMA CITY, OK A future American boomtown, Oklahoma City has good nightlife and amenities to go alongside some of the cheapest real estate in America. Could OKC be the next Austin, TX in 10 Years?

4. ST. LOUIS. MO Real Estate in St. Louis is cheap. A typical home value of $224k compared to average annual wages of $57k means homes are still affordable. There is unlikely to be big a Housing Crash across St. Louis.

3. BIRMINGHAM, AL People are flocking to Birmingham for the warm weather, laid back lifestyle, and cheap home prices. Birmingham also has lots of people moving in, with strong employment growth and positive migration in most years.

2. INDIANAPOLIS, IN Indianapolis has the 3rd lowest unemployment rate in America and some of the cheapest home prices. There is also strong job growth and migration, buffeted by a burgeoning life sciences sector. Indianapolis’ Housing Market offers strong value in 2022.

1. TULSA, OK Cheap home prices, warm weather, a growing economy, and oh yeah, $10,000 in cash if you move there as a remote worker? What more do you want? Tulsa is America’s Top Housing Market to buy a home in 2022.

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