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Housing Bubble 2.0 – Real Estate Investors Buying A Record Share Of US Homes, Sending Prices Soaring

Housing Bubble 2.0 – Real Estate Investors Buying A Record Share Of US Homes, Sending Prices Soaring.

During the last quarter of 2021, Real Estate Investors purchased the largest market share of US Homes in History. It is clear to see that an increased Investor participation in the Housing Market is having some sort of an impact. Is this what is preventing the average Home Buyer from purchasing their dream home? Are Investors driving price points upward so they are now out of reach for everyone?

This channel discusses recent articles, data and information about the Housing Bubble, Housing Crash, Home Prices, Forbearance, Foreclosures and Short Sales.

Additionally there is a focus on Mortgage Delinquencies, Mortgage Rates, FHA Loans, Real Estate Investing, and Housing Market Predictions for 2022 and Beyond.

Today is February 22nd 2022 and Randy will discuss the following topics:

Real Estate Investors Buying Record Share of US Homes
NAR Existing Home Price Report
Case-Shiller Home Price Index


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Housing Bubble 2.0

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I am not an attorney, financial planner, CPA or tax advisor. This channel merely provides opinion, commentary and summarizes data and information that is readily available to the general public regarding the Housing Market. I advise you to seek tax / legal / professional counsel and for everyone to do their own due diligence prior to making any significant decisions or purchases regarding real estate or other investment matters.

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