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5 Reasons The 2022 Housing Market Just Got Even Wilder!

2022 is off to an absolutely untamed housing market and the broad economy is starring into higher interest rates, significant inflation, lack of inventory threat of war and this make a lot of people feel uneasy. If you are trying to figure out what all this means, you are not alone! So today, we will take a deep dive, into the main economic indicators, that can help you make better decisions, as to what will unfold over the next 6 months, And the next few years. This is information can help you avoid the pitfalls that are costly.

Jerry is breaking this down for you. Because It’s up to you, to figure out how you are going to navigate and develop, your own investment strategy. Additionally… at the end… I’m going to share my personal investing plan of action.

5 Reasons The 2022 Housing Market Just Got Even Wilder!

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Disclaimer: All information given in my videos is meant to be educational. This video is not intended to replace your own research, nor to provide legal, investment or financial advice of any kind. For legal advice consult a lawyer.

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