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The Plot to CRASH 2022 Housing Market? (40% FIRESALE)

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Buried behind the headlines regarding war, inflation, and gas prices there is a massive super crisis developing as we speak. The American housing emergency. Prices that were already insane in 2021 only keep going up and in today’s video, we analyze the newest facts and data looking into what the future holds in regards to America’s insane housing market. For the millions of people looking to purchase their first home, this video is for you.

0:00 – 1:43 Intro
1:44 – 3:26 Masterworks.IO
3:27 – 6:26 Is it a bubble?
6:27 – 7:29 How are people paying?
7:30 – 7:59 Record Low Supply
8:00 – 9:06 Nobody’s talking about this
9:07 – 9:26 Outro

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