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The 2022 Housing Market Crash | Confronting Reventure Consulting

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Since the beginning of the pandemic over two years ago, Americans all over the country were caught off guard as real estate prices began exploding. This rapid change came as millennials, the largest generation ever began approaching the prime home-buying age. Pain and frustration followed and now real estate is back in the headlines. Millions of people find themselves wondering if they will ever be able to afford a home.

With this rise in popularity, plenty of channels on YouTube began concentrating on the real estate niche, gathering millions of views highlighting data, trends, and expert opinions on the matter. Emerging as one of the top real estate creators, Nicholas Gerli better known as Reventure Consulting has dominated this specific segment of financial commentary. He has over 16,000,000 views on YouTube and is undoubtedly one of the most-watched real estate creators on the platform.

For well over a year Reventure has claimed that US housing is in a bubble. An opinion shared by many including the federal reserve who recently admitted that we are seeing euphoria in this market. According to him, the entire thing is set to crash, an opinion that stretches back to April of 2021. In today’s video, we examine why Reventure may be wrong, and go over the predictions that he made a year ago. We start with this video published May 2nd, 2021 titled Why The US Housing Market will crash.

Intro 0:00 – 1:23
Reventure’s First Prediction 1:24 – 1:46
Was He Right 1:47 – 2:23
Inventory Predictions 2:24 – 4:43
Was He Right About Inventory? 4:44 – 5:17
Will It Get Worse? 5:18 – 5:47
Buffett’s Quote 5:48 – 6:12
The 2nd Part To His Argument 6:13 – 7:03
Demand Predictions 7:04 – 8:47
Was He Right About Demand 8:48 – 9:36
His Last Argument 9:37 – 11:12
My Predictions! 11:13 – 12:27

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