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In this video, we are going over my TOP 5 investing strategies for investors in the stock market! I’ve grown to really accept these habits as being effective, growth oriented, and essential for buying stocks. Since starting investing in 2014, I’ve grown my portfolio substantially using these repeatable strategies. Watch until the end and you’ll leave with 5 timeless stock market investing strategies that work for anyone.

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I am a big fan of investing, whether it be in the stock market, real estate, or pretty much anything else that appreciates in value. In the last 6 years, these are the most impacting strategies I have used for my own portfolio and investing decisions.

We’ll talk about:

1. The optimal time to get started investing. When should you start investing if you want to become a millionaire?

2. Should you put money in index funds and ETF’s, or in individual stocks? Or a mix of both?

3. Taxes actually can play a big role in your investment strategy. I go over short term and long term gains, and how it will impact you during tax season.

4. Timing the market versus time in the market

5. Why you need to do your own research in stocks before buying, and also some of the ways you can be your own stock analyst.

Thank you for watching – my channel is here to give you as much value as I can. If you found the video helpful, please consider checking out some of my other videos and subscribing to the channel! Stay blessed ya’ll.

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