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Flipping houses is the most lucrative form of home improvement and an excellent stepping stone into a career in real estate. No matter if you’re looking to flip homes as a side project or as a career move, you’ll need a network to help you keep your fix-and-flip projects under budget and on schedule.

In house flipping, a property is purchased at a low price, the living space is repaired or renovated to increase its value, and then it is sold as a turnkey-ready home. ARV, or after repair value, is where you see the profit return, which means you must have the resources available to raise the value. In order to flip the property as quickly as possible, you need to work with other professionals frequently and efficiently.

Talking or getting guidance from those other Realtors can definitely help you with getting the most amount of profit especially if you’re just starting with your House Flipping journey (even experienced House Flippers talk to others for more learning!).

I am grateful to Eli for giving me a chance to see his ongoing project in Houston. I gained a lot of things just from letting me see his flipping project. Wish you more projects to endeavor brother! 💪😊

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