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Elon Musk *URGENT WARNING* to Real Estate Market

Elon Just Issued This CRYPTIC Message About Real Estate.. Add me on insta @thisisjohnwilliams

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Elon Musk, many look up to him for advice and admire to be like him. He has amassed a whopping 90,000,000 followers on Twitter alone and continues to grow his following and social presence. Many look to Elon for economic advice on where the stock market is headed, where crypto is headed and now he offers a cryptic message about where the real estate market is going. He said during the last market crash people paid no attention to price paid and instead just purchased out of a belief that prices only go up. He also commented and said the housing market was supported with subprime mortgage lenders and interestingly today we are seeing both of these scenarios play out. We are seeing the housing market bubble grow and grow and we are seeing the same lenders come back into the real estate market assisting non qualified would be home owners in purchasing their first home or first rental / investment property.

His last economic warning was that a recession was coming and that warning just happened to be the highest the stock market has ever hit in US history. Ever since that tweet we have seen the stock market fall and fall and now everyone is seeing the possibility of a big recession coming soon.

Do you think Elon Musk is right on the housing market and the end of this real estate cycle?

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