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In this video, I got together with Lolita “Lo” Sheriow of Texas, who gave us some tips and tricks when it comes to flipping houses for cash money.

Some of of the house flipping tips Lo gave us were many of the free house flipping apps that she uses everyday in her business such as apps to sign documents on her mobile phone and to view properties from her cell phone as she flips houses virtually and remotely.

Lo also gives us some KILLER tips when it comes to marketing to motivated sellers using her best form of house flipping marketing — which is direct mail (yellow letters and then post cards).

Lo emphasizes that the get good results when you are flipping houses and using direct mail… it is vitally important for you to keep mailing to the same house flipping list at least 4-6 times… and not buy a new house flipping list on each mailout.

Hope you enjoy the how to flip houses video!

Youtube Video: http://youtu.be/3BMozAlT01Q
Blog Post: http://www.houseflippingninja.com/
Learn How to Flip Houses: http://www.houseflippingninja.com/mentoring-and-coaching/

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