Surprise! 4 Famous People Who Made Their Fortune in Real Estate Discover 4 people who are well known for things other than real estate but because of investments in real estate, they became famous and/or reached their full potential in the pursuits they are best recognized for.
You’ll learn that without real estate, Arnold Schwarzenegger may never have become the most famous bodybuilder, blockbuster movie star or politician. Without real estate, Cyrus McCormick may not have been able to distribute the enormous number of wheat reapers to small farmers around the world which reduced world hunger by leaps and bounds. Without real estate, McDonalds would have folded and wouldn’t be around today. And even the hip hop star Vanilla Ice would have been just another has-been, broke, one hit wonder had it not been for real estate.
These 4 individuals provide a wonderful lesson on the power of what can be accomplished in one lifetime if you diligently put your financial house in order with real estate investing. This training is for anyone who has a dream to do something extraordinary with their life. Maybe it’s a ministry, a non profit, a world changing idea or a life committed to giving back to those in need.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview:

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