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My Investing Strategy For 2022: Explained

In this video, I go over my investing strategy for 2022! Reserve your spot in Slingshot and earn up to $2,500 in NFT rewards:

Be sure to watch all the way through as I’ll be going over all of my investments for 2022, how much I’m going to be allocating towards them, and how you can also invest in the same assets. The last investment is probably the most important, because I believe it will always have the best ROI compared to any other investment out there.

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Right now, I believe there is a huge opportunity to buy stocks and hold for the long-term, and as long as you’re dollar-cost averaging, you shouldn’t have too much volatility. As always, I am not a financial advisor, nor am I an expert. This is merely a recommendation to do further research. I always recommend doing at least 1 hour of research before investing into anything.

1. Retirement accounts – specifically the backdoor Roth IRA, Solo 401k, and Defined Benefit Plan. These accounts give you a huge advantage when investing and any new investor should consider trading within a retirement account.

2. Stocks – in this section I’m talking about what types of stocks I’ll be investing in for my taxable accounts. I will be investing in a mix of individual companies as well as long term index funds.

3. Cryptocurrencies – I will be allocating about 15% of my investment money into crypto. My main investments will be the big coins – Bitcoin and Ethereum. Watch the video to see which coin I am MOST bullish on as of right now. I also have an alt coin and NFT strategy I will be implementing.

4. Real Estate – one of my main goals for this year is to buy multiple rental properties out of state. I’ll go over why and all the tax benefits that come with real estate investing.

5. Real Estate Investment Fund – my passive real estate investment where I invest in a fund that currently invests in student housing.

6. Angel Investing – this is still quite new to me but the goal is to continue investing money into early stage start ups in exchange for equity. This is a more risky investment but has the potential for large gains. We’ll see what happens!

7. Me and my business – by far the most important one on this list, because this is what helps me build my active income the most. Watch the video to see how much I plan to reinvest back into myself and my business this year!

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Happy investing!



0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Investment #1: Retirement Accounts
1:50 – Investment #2: Stocks
4:07 – Should You Invest?
4:26 – Investment #3: Crypto
6:52 – My Alt Coin Investing Strategy
7:24 – Investing In NFTs
8:03 – Investment #4: Real Estate
8:40 – Why I Want Real Estate
9:37 – My Goal For 2022
10:57 – Investment #5: Real Estate Investment Fund
12:21 – Investment #6: Angel Investing
13:33 – Investment #7: Self-Improvement
15:26 – Final Thoughts
16:40 – Outro

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