When House Flipping Goes WAY Over Budget (Before & After)

House flipping isn’t an easy game. There are so many factors at play with each purchase: what will the housing market look like in six months? Will contractors be available? What if the city holds you up on permits? It’s no surprise that many real estate investors simply don’t have the stomach to get into fix and flips. But someone like Tarl Yarber is ready to pick up the deals that others leave behind.

Tarl is a master home flipper, so this isn’t close to his first rodeo. But even the veterans make mistakes, and this time, Tarl and his team made a $35,000 mistake. That’s no chump change, especially when you’re working against the clock to get a flip finished as soon as possible. Even after months worth of delays, contractors being fully booked, and unforeseen foundation issues, Tarl and his team were able to close out on this deal with a $90,000 profit.

How does someone walk away with such a significant profit after so many things fall apart? Only Tarl knows, and thankfully, he’s giving you all his tips and tricks in this video.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Flipping Houses for Profit:

The Beginner’s Guide to Flipping Houses for Profit

This Mistake Could’ve Easily Turned Our Flip Into a Flop:

This Mistake Could’ve Easily Turned Our Flip Into a Flop

8 Steps to Buying Your First Rental Property:
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00:00 The Flip That Flopped
01:41 The Numbers
02:56 Interior Walkthrough
06:05 Keep it Simple!
07:38 Upstairs Walkthrough
09:29 Permits, Code, and Not “Shoulding Yourself”
12:55 Foundation Problems
16:41 Take Risks…but Make Good Guesses
17:51 Stick to Key Fundamentals
21:13 Find Your Next Deal!

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