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Stop Buying Homes | *New* Regulations WILL 100% Crash The Market!

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The real estate market has been preforming well for many smart and savvy real estate investors, house flippers, landlords and property investors. Many of these smart investors purchased properties in prime areas such as Florida, Texas and California, New. York and other expensive markets and rode the wave of immense property appreciation.

However that looks like it will soon end with future regulations coming to property insurance. If you did not know, you must have property insurance on your property if you have a mortgage to protect the lender from financial loss in the event of a natural disaster. However now we are seeing insurance companies across the board either close down their operations or remove exposure to certain markets.

This will reduce the available coverage for home owners which in turn will increase their rates to an unaffordable level if they can find insurance at all. This will cause a housing crash and real estate collapse greater than anything we have ever seen in the past.

I believe only the very rich will be able to afford to live in certain markets and the extremely wealthy will invest heavily and acquire assets in strong markets that will offer insurance coverage and have upward demand for rentals. We are seeing the entire real estate landscape change and change in a massive way.

I believe investing in property, land and all sorts of real estate will become greatly altered in the coming decade and it is up to smart investors to pay attention to these trends NOW before it is to late and they lose their home in foreclosure when this real estate bubble pops.

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