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How to Buy Real Estate & Build Your Portfolio Fast! (“The Stack!”)

So, how do you buy & real estate & scale fast? The answer… STACK.

You know the common advice all the finance gurus teach:

Save 10% of your paycheck, put it away in some slow growth stocks or mutual funds, wait 50 years, and you’ll be the richest person in … the cemetery.

I don’t know about you – but I didn’t want to take the slow route- I wanted financial freedom faster.

So – I jumped into real estate investing.

But that can take a long time too. I mean – if you buy one house every few years, saving up enough for the down payment each time, it could take 20 years to get the financial freedom you want.

So – if you want to build a portfolio fast, what should you do?

Well, my name is Brandon Turner, active real estate investor and author of The Book on Rental Property Investing, and today I want to teach you a powerful strategy that I coined, “The Stack.”

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