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Buying a House in Germany | What we Learned as Expats & Answering the BIG Questions

How to buy a house in Germany as an expat, our firsthand experience and answering all of your questions. From how much house can I afford in Germany to how to get a loan for a home in Germany as a foreigner, we dig deep into what we have learned from doing it ourselves.

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Episode 7 | #livingingermany and #homebuyingingermany in the​ Black Forest, Germany | Filmed July 23, 2021

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Originally from the Midwest of the USA, we moved to the #blackforest in 2013 and quickly embraced #expatlife. As American expats living in #Germany, things weren’t always easy, but we’ve grown to love our life in Germany. We started this #travelvlog​ to share our experiences with friends and family, and to help those who are interested in moving overseas! Whether you are interested in moving abroad, working abroad, studying abroad, raising a family abroad, or just want to #traveleurope, we’re here to give you a first person look at what lies ahead. 😊🎥🌎

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