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Inventory is EXPLODING (2022 Housing Crash Getting WORSE)

There’s a Record-setting Surge in Inventory across the 2022 Housing Market. Especially in cities like Phoenix, Austin, and Reno.

The 2022 Housing Crash has started. One way we know is because Inventory of Homes for Sale has exploded over the last several months. In Austin, TX it’s up +140%. In Phoenix it’s up +120%. And in Reno it’s +186%. These massive inventory surges indicate that home prices will be dropping in the near future.

No longer can Realtors and Real Estate Investors claim that “Low Inventory means there’s no Housing Bubble/Crash”. Because Inventory is now back to pre-pandemic levels in many markets. And it will continue growing in future months. Data Source:

That’s because record-high Home Prices and Mortgage Rates mean that homebuyers are priced out of the market. Meanwhile, Home Builders are building a massive number of new homes – nearly 2 Million. Especially in metros like Dallas and Nashville which are building significantly more new homes in this Housing Bubble than the mid-2000s Bubble. As these Homes are completed the Homes for Sale and available Rentals will keep surging.

Finally – Investors own nearly 20 Million Homes in America while there are over 5 Million Vacation/2nd Homes. That means 25% of America’s Housing Stock is owned by people who don’t live in the homes full time. As the Housing Crash gets worse in 2022 and 2023, there’s a chance that owners could sell this Shadow Inventory continually. Resulting in a never-ending wave of new inventory hitting the market.


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