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This viral house on Zillow has a disturbing amount of storage space

A listing on Zillow has gained a lot of attention for its creepy interiors, incessant storage spaces and built-in shelves.

Located in Placerville, Calif., on a secluded hilltop spanning over 18 acres, the three-bedroom, four-bathroom estate has listed for $1.05 million.

In a viral TikTok video from the account “Zillowtastrophes,” which has already racked up nearly 3 million views, the narrator gives viewers a walkthrough of the unusual home.

At first, everything seems somewhat ordinary, with a spacious living room, a powder room, an expansive pantry and lots of cabinets in the kitchen on the first level.

Downstairs there is one bedroom with a large closet.

Then it starts getting weird.

Beyond the bedroom is another set of stairs that lead you down to a white-colored room, that looks like it could have been a library, featuring tons of built-in bookshelves. Then it leads to a hallway showing more storage space with locked cabinets on one side and glass cabinets on another.

As you continue to make your way down, there is a latched door that leads to the unknown. And beyond that is what the listing describes as a 2,000-square-foot space described as “The Room.”

“Why on earth is this for? Why do you need this much storage,” the narrator in the video asks.

As you make your way back upstairs, there is a ballet studio, other closets, office space and another bedroom with tons of storage.

The house is situated on 18.59 acres of land.
The house is situated on 18.59 acres of land.
Martin Bebe for Navigate Realty
The garage with an apartment attached on top.
The garage has an attached apartment on top.
Martin Bebe for Navigate Realty
The kitchen with built in stove top into the marble and lots of cabinets.
The kitchen with stovetops built into the counters and lots of cabinets.
Martin Bebe for Navigate Realty
A dining space.
A dining space.
Martin Bebe for Navigate Realty

TikTok users were quick to comment.

“I want to know where they moved to, like [what] did you do with all that stuff that was in there?” one person asked.

“Any cults looking for a spot? This is it,” another commented.

The listing explains that the main home spans over 4,400 square feet, with an attached 2,400-square-foot finished storage room and a detached four-car garage with a 1,100-plus-square-foot apartment above.

“A home for every dish, pot, and cookbook with floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves,” the listing states. “Just beyond the impressive library you will find what is affectionately called ‘The Room’ — over 2,000 square feet of air-conditioned space with 16-foot-high ceilings.”

But an insider revealed that the unique space wasn’t exactly as strange as one would expect, explaining that the owner of the home just had a shopping addiction and needed space for her keep.

One of three bedrooms.
One of three bedrooms.
Martin Bebe for Navigate Realty
The expansive terrace.
The expansive terrace.
Martin Bebe for Navigate Realty
The hallway leading to the 2,000 square feet storage room.
The hallway leading to the 2,000-square-foot storage room.
Martin Bebe for Navigate Realty
The 2,000 square feet storage spaced pegged as "The Room."
The 2,000-square-foot storage space pegged as “The Room.”
Martin Bebe for Navigate Realty

Among the items were more than 25,000 books, thousands of DVDs and VHS tapes. The warehouse referred to as “The Room” wasn’t yet filled but was in anticipation of filling up with all her things.

According to records obtained by The Post, the house was owned by a Jeanne Cleary, who passed away last August at the age of 89.

Cleary purchased the home in 1990 for only $50,000 at the time.

Kelli Griggs, who owns Navigate Realty, holds the listing.

“She loved her books. She was a single woman,” Griggs told The Post. “It was built for her personal needs — for her books and memorabilia.”

“When she passed, there were the Grizzly fires and several people lost homes. The family was able to use all the items from her home to help furnish and supply the many victims. A lot of the items are in new condition and had been donated.”

“When I first walked in, I thought I was dreaming. It is truly special,” Griggs added. “It’s best used for a warehouse for a classic car collector or anyone who wanted to have a home-based business.” 

And as for the dance room, Cleary used it as an exercise bar.

Cleary’s children are now selling the home, which first listed in February for $1.4 million. It resurfaced with a price cut on June 18.

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