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The Fed’s Recession WARNING: “Prepare for Economic Collapse”

Jerome Powell and the Fed just warned that the 2022 Recession is about to get EVEN WORSE. Expect layoffs, bankruptcies, and a big crash in the Housing & Stock Market as the Recession and Economic Collapse play out.

After two consecutive quarters of negative GDP Growth, the US economy is unofficially in Recession. Meanwhile, 65% of Americans agree that we’re in a Recession. But this is all likely to get much worse as raging inflation, record low consumer sentiment, and increasing interest rates push the US Economy, Housing Market, & Stock Market into collapse.

Interestingly – not everyone agrees that we’re in a Recession. Jerome Powell actually doesn’t think we’re in one yet despite predicting worsening economic conditions into the future. Joe Biden and Janet Yellen don’t believe we’re in a recession either.

But given that so many Americans and small businesses believe one is coming – the 2022 Recession will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Small Business Optimism is at a near record low. So is Consumer Sentiment. Which indicates that today’s record-low unemployment rate is likely to explode into the future.


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