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Picking The Right Real Estate Investing Strategy

Today’s guest knows what it takes to transition from his W-2 job to become a successful real estate investor. Realizing his personal goals of achieving financial independence and the ideal client he wants to work for, he started his real estate investing journey.

In his first year of investing, he flipped over 75 properties! And in just 3 years, Steven Pesavento has become the host of the Investor Mindset Podcast, the founder of VonFinch Capital, and has done hundreds of real estate deals!

You’ll certainly relate to his stories as he shares how his experiments and failures help him learn and envision the goals he wants to achieve. In this episode, he also shares the mindset shift that investors need to make in order to pursue their personal goals.

Want to know the impact of mindset on your success? Listen until the end of the episode!

Key Takeaways

How he got into real estate investing
Trying different things to realize what he wants
His purpose in building VonFinch Capital
How to identify your risk tolerance in investments
How his personal goals made him transition to commercial real estate
Building relationships with business partners
Adding value and efficiency to his investments
Why you should learn to own your identity
His parting advice to real estate investors


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