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China is Buying America! (Hundreds of Thousands of Acres and Homes!)

Heres how much property, land and homes china owns in America.. Add me on IG @ThisisJohnWilliams

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Many people do not realize but china is buying tons of land in America. They own nearly 200,000 acres of farmland in America and a huge portfolio of single family homes. Their plan to buy tons of American property is going smoothly. I believe china will continue to buy more and more property and land in America. We are witnessing the rise of China over the coming decade. We are now witnessing the fall of America as we begin to lose out in production and affordability becomes a massive issue in this country.

I believe in the coming decade we will see less and less single family homes owned by people and instead they will be owned by large organizations, corporations and other countries.

What are your thoughts about China buying tons of single family homes throughout America? What are your thoughts that we are not allowed to buy tons of property in china but they can buy here? To me, I think that is concerning. If they are allowed to buy real estate in America we should be allowed to buy real estate in China.

Do you think we will see china continue to grow their real estate footprint?

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