Investment Strategies

Strategies You Need To Know In Real Estate Investing

How do you close 13+ deals in 7 days? It’s all about your creative finance toolkit and your ability to scale. In this video, I talk about our current list of closes and how 80 percent of my deals come from creative finance…

Underwriting with The Morby Method:

How to structure a Subject to deal:

27 different ways to get into creative finance:

Learn about my Subto mentorship:

Contact our team about private money:

Our preferred lender for deals:


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➡️ Assignment Contract:

➡️ Wholesale Contract:

➡️ Cold Calling Script:

➡️ Cold Texting Script:

➡️ Foreclosure Script:

➡️ Disposition Checklist:

➡️ Comping Cheat Sheet:

➡️ Guide to Pulling a Water List:

➡️ Guide for Taking Photos on Appointments:

➡️ Seller Lead Form for Talking to Sellers:

➡️ Profit and Loss Template:


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