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Best Real Estate Markets in the US

There’s no such thing as good and bad timing of the markets. It’s just good and bad strategies. Join Jason Hartman as he is interviewed by Mark Moss on the best US real estate markets, investing strategies and why timing the market is a fool’s errand.

It’s still a good time to maximize the mortgage opportunity even though the rates have gone up. The official rate of inflation is still dramatically higher than the 30 year fixed rate mortgage!

So you’re either going to get the money cheap or you’re going to get the property cheap. It’s like the old saying goes, you’re either going to get price or you’re going to get terms, but you’re not going to get both at the same time.

0:00 What do you think are some of the best real estate markets in the US?
0:48 Helping investors build nationwide real estate portfolios –
1:23 No such thing as good or bad timing
1:47 What is the right strategy? Cashflow rentals, Airbnb rentals, flipping?
2:10 Refi ‘til ya die
2:39 You want to have your equity working in capital gains markets
3:07 Maximize mortgage opportunity
3:49 Rents will still go a lot higher
4:22 Buying a primary residence vs buying an investment property
5:29 Real estate bubbles and corrections
6:15 Do you want a cheap mortgage or a cheap property?

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