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The Biggest Eviction Crisis in History Begins in 17 DAYS!

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The housing market is going under extreme financial pressures both from renters and landlords alike. Renters are being squeeze financially as rents, nationally have increased roughly 20% in the two years and during this period there mechanisms put in place to safe guard the housing market such as eviction moratoriums and eviction protections however in most places those protections have expired.

Now that those protections are expiring there are many millions of renters who are in the verge of being evicted and landlords will be taking their properties back and will begin to list them for rent at present market value.

Property owners, investors and landlords alike will be going through very unique changes both with rising property insurance rates, rising property taxes, rising maintenance costs for their rental property and more risk. This is also happening on the back of rising interest rates so many landlords that are struggling can not refinance their properties as their monthly payment will greatly increase.

I believe we could see a unique period in the housing market where rents actually decrease. This will happen in part by all of the tenants being evicted and landlords searching for highly qualified tenants that have a stable history of paying but also all of the real estate developers that will soon bring their property to market that need to sell but can’t and are forced to rent them out. This coupled with all of the home sellers, house flippers and more who missed the sellers market and now need to rent out their properties.

We are going to witness housing, real estate and property investing change in America in the years to come. Do you think we will see a housing crash in 2022?

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