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WARNING: These are the Top 10 Cities Where 2022 Housing Crash…Won’t Happen

The US Housing Market Crash is getting worse. But not all Cities will experience Big Price Declines. In this video I analyze the Top 10 Housing Markets to Buy During the Housing Crash.

September 2022 Newsletter:


Home Prices across America are declining. But just like in the 2008 Housing Crash – not all areas of the country will experience the decline equally. Particularly – metros with strong Affordability will weather the Housing Crash storm.

For instance, in the last Housing Downturn, metros like Pittsburgh and Oklahoma City actually appreciated in value while Phoenix, Miami, and Las Vegas went down by more than 50%. I believe a similar situation will play out across the 2022 and 2023 Housing Markets.

10. Knoxville, TN
09. Oklahoma City, OK
08. Pittsburgh, PA
07. Indianapolis, IN
06. Harrisburg, PA
05. McAllen, TX
04. Jackson, MS
03. Little Rock, AR
02. Birmingham, AL
01. Tulsa, OK


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