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Managing Real Estate Investment Strategies with Marck de Lautour – Part 2

Marck, is Founder and CEO of SBD Housing Solutions, a Real Estate Investment firm based in the Kansas City area. He has been investing in real estate since 2002 and has successfully flipped over 1,800 homes in the United States of America. His property management firm now manages over 650 rental homes.

Marck’s investment firm specializes in delivering quality rental investment opportunities to passive investors looking to deploy their capital outside of the stock market into alternative investments. The SBD team’s mission is to help investors deploy $1 billion into Real Estate by 2030.

He also loves to invest in multifamily apartment complexes and has successfully raised over $10mill to deploy into assets through the Midwest.

His expertise is wide and diverse. Marck’s Beliefs In Real Estate include:

1. Real estate is a safe investment vehicle.

2. Rental real estate is a long term play – so start early!

3. Real estate is best done at scale – so buy as much as possible.

4. Good Real estate should never be sold.

5. Real estate provides great tax benefits.

6. Real estate investments can always be cash flow positive.

7. Good Real estate can handle 80% leverage, if needed.

8. SFR Real estate is less impacted in a downturn.

9. Real estate is a basic necessity (e.g. food and shelter!)

10. Professional Management decreases the 2 biggest killers of cash flow – vacancy and maintenance.

As a company they keep to a small group of core values. Accountability, Commitment, Communication, Professionalism, and Quality.

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