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BRRRR Investing Just Got Easier

BRRRR investing has become one of the most popular real estate investing strategies across the United States. But, the great contractor shortage of 2020 and 2021 almost decimated BRRRR investors. Record high prices, dragged-out timelines, and the inability to rely on almost anyone to fix up houses brought this strategy close to extinction. But now, we’re seeing a second wind of BRRRR investing as contractors aren’t being stretched so thin and competition for real estate starts to slump.

Welcome back to another episode of Seeing Greene, where your “I don’t seek validation, validation seeks me” host, David Greene, is back to answer your questions on anything related to real estate. In this episode, we talk about investing methods such as the BRRRR strategy, real estate syndication investing, becoming a real estate professional, and more. We’ll also touch on some deeper topics like why so many new real estate investors crave validation, how to know when to fire your property management company, and the medieval meaning of “racking your brain.”

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Episode 669

Show notes at:

00:00 Intro
01:45 Quick Tip
02:26 Finding Contractors For Your BRRRR
06:28 Are Real Estate Syndications Worth It?
10:04 Tax-Savings Through Real Estate Pro Status
19:38 Questions From the Comment Section
24:35 Refinancing Without W2 Income
29:29 Mentorship vs. Apprenticeship
40:38 Why Do We Crave Validation?
46:44 When to Switch Property Managers?
53:01 Ask David Your Question!

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