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Should I buy real estate in my LLC or business name or land trust

Do you know what a Land Trust is and why real estate investors should use them? Well, if you’re still buying houses in your name, your LLC or your business name, let this be a warning to stop doing that. Today I was hired to teach a class, to go deep into how to use land trusts and what they actually are. You see, if you buy houses w/ your company name or LLC, then you’re putting your company at risk. Further, if you buy houses in your name, you’re putting everything at risk. Why not take the time to get educated on how Land Trusts work so you don’t have to put either of them on title OR public record…
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00:00- Intro
2:40 – What is a Land Trust
3:35 – Why should I put my house in a land trust
5:10 – Why I use a Land Trust instead of my LLC to buy real estate
8:40 – What are the parts of a Land Trust
9:35 – What is a Trust
10:12 – What is a trustee and what do they do
10:56 – Who is the beneficiary on a Land Trust
14:37 – What can the trustee do in the land trust

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