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The Gift of High Interest Rates and “Risk-Free” Real Estate Strategies

High interest rates are here. The mainstream media would tell you that it’s time to sit down and have a long sob over the soon-to-be-dead housing market. “It’s over, everyone! No more deals for sale because interest rates are around 6%.” You probably don’t believe such housing market heresy, and the investing experts we’re bringing on today don’t either. They’ve been investing throughout the past two decades and have come to a surprising conclusion: today is the easiest time to buy in years!

That’s right, the time-tested real estate investing authorities know that even with rising interest rates, some real estate strategies still work, and may even work better thanks to today’s climate. On with us today are Avery Carl, David Greene, Jamil Damji, and Pace Morby, all representing different types of real estate investing. From short-term rentals to BRRRRs, creative financing, and wholesaling, these experts agree that if you’re trying to make money in real estate, there’s no better time than now to start.

In a friendly cash flow cage match, we let each strategy-specific expert give the pros and cons of their preferred investing method, as well as how 2022’s rising interest rates, seller fear, and market speculation is affecting them. If you’re sitting on the fence, waiting for the right time to buy, this may be just the episode to push you over to the cash flow-collecting side!

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Episode 36

Show notes at:

00:00 Intro
02:41 he Real Estate All-Star Roster
05:14 Real Estate Wholesaling
08:18 The BRRRR Method
15:10 Short-Term Rental Investing
29:24 Creative Financing
46:21 The Final Real Estate Strategy Showdown

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