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A MILLIONAIRE’S SECRETS – Real Estate Investing Strategies for Beginners (Real Estate Investing 101)

Real Estate Investing for Beginners can be hard. I wish a Real Estate Millionaire gave me their Investing Strategies and Secrets when I was starting out. So, that’s what I’m doing here. If you Desire Success, and a Millionaire’s Mindset, then you’ll take this Investing advice to heart. Whether you fall under the category of Investing for Beginners, or you’ve been Investing for a while, you will get helpful information from this video.
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I’m going to share with you the perspective that CHANGED MY LIFE, and it’s going to change yours too. This metal shift is going to be your new year’s resolution. If you already made a different resolution, now you have TWO. You’re going to take some serious action this year. There are 1,440 minutes in a 24 hour day. Imagine that’s $1,440 that you’re given EVERY SINGLE DAY to invest. Every person on the planet gets this every day of their lives. It’s how you invest these minutes of your day that separates you from everyone else. If you invest them poorly, then you shouldn’t be surprised that you’re not getting the returns you wanted. It’s truly that simple. MUCH more than Money, TIME is the NUMBER ONE commodity you will ever own. But there’s more… I used to constantly be exhausted. I wanted MORE return for the hours of my day where I was working hard to get ahead. What I didn’t realize is that my efforts were without guidance and discipline. I just thought hard work would guarantee me success. What I learned was that I still didn’t KNOW anything more about investing than anyone else I worked with or knew. I lacked DESIRE. Once I took the ACTION to spend my nights after work studying how general investing and real estate investing worked, I began to feel empowered, and dare I say, Superior. I found myself listening to friends and colleagues talk about how they spent their money and how they felt about investing. Usually it was something about the “Rich” screwing over the poor and middle class. Now I realized that wasn’t the case. The “Rich” were just the people who had invested their time to learn how money and investing really worked. They knew and understood the power of compounding interest and long-term capital appreciation and tax benefits that come from investing in real estate; which is why they almost all invest in real estate as a core pillar of their portfolios – And now I knew how it worked too. I absorbed as much as I could and started putting my newfound knowledge into action. What no one ever told me was that the Power of accomplishment comes with a serious adrenaline boost. I function MUCH More efficiently and productively today on an average of 5 hours of sleep than I ever did when I was getting 8-9 hours of sleep. I LOVE being busy because I’m busy managing my multiple streams of income.
Believe me, there is no more surreal moment than the first time it occurs to you that you’re a self-made millionaire. For me it was when I was applying for a commercial mortgage loan and the bank asked me to complete a personal financial statement. I probably redid the math three times before I was willing to accept that it was correct. Now I’m on a journey to achieve 8 figures on the bottom line of my personal financial statement.
So what’s my secret? If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a combination of (1) Finding my DESIRE for success (which for me, came from increasing my knowledge about how investing actually works), (2) Disciplined TIME MANAGEMENT (every single day, with the exception of Saturday night through Sunday night. That’s my 24 hour recharge where I try not to plan every minute of my day), and (3) Constantly DREAMING up the next goal to pursue, and then Pursuing like I’m in a race with the rest of the world to get there first.

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